Essah Cozett Diaz

Essah Cozett Diaz: Mar Libertad

Mar Libertad

let me declare this seashore holy
ground of honey and sand dance
under a sun reflecting heaven

palm trees stand as a gate with coconut
armor full breasted milk waiting
to douse thirsty bellies of children

screaming with laughter pacifying
hunger as they run between shore
sea home of Olokun and Yemaya

marejada de memorias moving
generations towards rest
laying burdens as offerings

buoyed between worlds
floating as if tomorrow
will bring new waves of wonder

I have wandered seas and shores
drank from calabashes of cures
my body is an elixir

a confirmation that there
is life after death
there is joy in breathing

saltwater tides of presence
and if I carry an ounce
of perfect peace in my palms

let this anointing bless
el mar hasta la libertad

------------------------------- // -------------------------------

Am I the Bridge?

now I know when
the calling answers you
through the wind

changos sing with
the sun and I know
a song of myself

comes after the storm
after the resurrection
before the darkness

clouded my vision
I was baptized in an estuary
flesh and spirit know

sins become brick
and iron over time
over trouble water

am I the bridge kneading
flour and bananas
into rice bread

mixing cultures through
cooking and conjuring
whipping up something

just like grandma
remedios que sanan
knowing where to cross

------------------------------- // -------------------------------

Honey on My Altar

My mother’s prayer room
haven of holy oil, candles,
a cross, her bible big
as the altar mat where
spirit comes to speak

She tarries through nights
praises God each morning
writes down blessings
before they manifest
to me, she is gifted

She gifted me the power
of prayer, gifted me this tongue
my gift of dreams has survived
generations, and now I’m
gifted with psalms

Oh spirit of my people
hear me cry my mother’s cry
see me dance my grandma’s dance
guide me towards the light
as I make space
to transgress and build again

My prayer room is a place
to reverence my ancestors
grounds me to this isla Borikén
between the sea I bathe in
bendiciones I believe in

Sweet like honey on my altar
who am I to deny this call
maybe these crossroads
of oraciones and offerings
salt and okra are seeds of salvation


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