Tiffany Hervas

Tiffany Hervas is an Ecuadorian-born, multidisciplinary artist living and working in Queens, New York. Her mission of art and activism bring visibility and awareness to various social justice issues. She owns a financial services firm, a consulting agency, and is a psychotherapist supporting immigrants and families of mixed statuses. All of her work centers on serving her community, and both cultivating healing spaces and elevating the voices and agency of marginalized communities.


Let your layers cover me like a cashmere blanket; I crave ease.
Let your wind raise my skirt above my knees, I desire to be caressed
in your arms of security
rocking my mind to sleep
beneath the light of your night.

       within this blood that flows
       knowing what comes after will build foundations of
River do not leave me in a desert – give me time to find the pieces of my soul strong enough to nail firmly
to find you.
Lead me to the field of sunflowers that I may bathe in their shade,
that I am home, among Them.


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