Michi Cabrera

Michi Cabrera is a Puerto Rican-Dominican New Yorker, writer, and wellness practitioner. Her poetry and essays explore themes of love, travel, spirituality, and kinship. Michi (pronounced Mickey) has taught yoga and meditation since 2015, and currently offers private reiki sessions and meditation coaching. Her poetry has been published by the Dominican Writer’s Association. She lives in the Bronx and has one plant. Her favorite paddleboarding spots in the world are in Condado Lagoon in Puerto Rico and La Boca, Dominican Republic. She leads virtual meditation and writing workshops and is offering an in-person meditation and yoga retreat in March 2023. 

Michi Cabrera: in Nashville

in Nashville
after Rio Cortez

drinking lavender hot chocolates, watching
the sunrise at the Grand Canyon
with our two children, ages 12 and 10
a little detour on our trip to visit his parents
we live in Puerto Rico
i’m wearing a silver necklace with the baby’s initials

i love the wrinkles around his eyes
and our sunset paddles—
we own six paddleboards
i fiddle with my engagement ring, conflict free diamonds and pink sapphires
we reminisce about our tea dates in the West Village
about the time i played him the ukulele in Vieques

the first time. i walked away.

how when he got his first big paycheck
he took me to Paris and i forgave him

i did a lot that year without him
i learned to stand on my own two feet
i created: a small collection of poems,
some watercolors, a whole new identity

how it took seven years
to promise that i’ll always let him and his long limbs have the aisle,
even though i prefer the window seat

I need you to want me
I need you to miss me
I need your attention, yes

fourteen before he would finally admit
yes, he almost drove us into a ditch
soon after our first kiss
i met him in Nashville.


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