Janelle Lawrence

Janelle is an interdisciplinary artist that investigates the depth of strength with stories that explore the complex layers of perspective. They have had their musicals presented at various Theaters such as The Kennedy Center, Legoland New York, Joe’s Pub, Seattle Public Theater, and National Black Theatre. They have been residents of the 92nd St Y Musical Theatre Development Lab: Collective, Greenhouse Residency SPACE on Ryder Farm, and Barn Arts Hamilton Project Resident. They are a Juilliard School Evening Division alumni, and a 2020 & 2022 Recipient of NBT's Soul Series Lab -Playwriting Micro-Development Session. www.janellelawrence.com

Janelle Lawrence: in transit

in transit

She's nice, right?
We just keep building cages.
Iron is just shiny, bright white metal, soft and malleable.
90% the blood of the people that died beforehand.
We built cages before we knew properties.
Before we knew
The effects of no sunlight, the effects of bars too close, too far.
We built cages before we knew
Who was going in.
We were going in them.
In transit,
I recognize that movement is inevitable.
The cage is movement.
In transit,
the cage is the iron and the movement the removal of humanity at the hands of the shiny.
The bright idea and the blind spot, the malleable rules that soft white concepts form.
The cage is made.
Of iron.

We built cages.
We built cages.
Before we learn to build houses, build families, build humanity, here, we built cages for shiny, bright
white metal.
That is soft and malleable.

They gave us language to try to define and then gave us no room for definitions.
My duality is not two faced.
My duality is not two faced.
My duality is complex.

How many times can I split myself and repaint myself?


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