Karina Guardiola-Lopez

Karina Guardiola-Lopez, MSED, is an Honduran American Jew from New York City. She is a poet, writer, author of Jewtina Journals, and co-author of Live Big Girl. Her poetry has appeared in For Women Who Roar, Writing For Peace, great weather for MEDIA, The Scrib Arts Journal, Indolent Books, Acentos Review, The Ice Colony among many other publications. She has been featured at The NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island, The National Black Theatre, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Bowery Poetry Club, The Bronx Museum, and many other locations. For more information visit www.kglopez.com

Survive Under 25

1. White boys misguided
2. Black boys start riots
3. White boys misunderstood
4. Black boys are hoods
5. White boys, good kids
6. Black boys get into mischief
7. White boys, innocent
8. Black boys, delinquents
9. White boys need second chances
10. Black boys get sentences
11. Not all boys are created equal...

Tamir Rice, 12, gone
Tyre King, 13, gone
Emmett Till and George Stinney, 14, gone
Jordan Edwards, 15, gone
Antonio Mays Jr., 16, gone
Trayvon Martin, 17, gone
Michael Brown, 18, gone
Brock Turner 19, alive—now 25

20. White boys still smiling
21. Black boys still dying
22. White mothers fighting
23. Black mothers crying
24. They say let’s not make it black vs. white
25. The statistics state otherwise

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If exs had one minute trailers-
they wouldn't be exs.
they would be X’s.
Marked off a bucket list-
Been there.
Done that.
Warning labels!
Instructional manuals.
A 30- day trial.
A sample before purchase?
A preview-
to prevent
wasting time,
wet swollen eyes,
broken heart,

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