Sheena Rodriguez

Born and raised in the Bronx, Shena Rodriguez is a Poet, Writer and Educator. Growing up she fell in love with reading and used writing as a way to express herself. Her poems are featured in Escriba! Write!, A Bilingual Journal of Student Art and Writing, published by Eugenio Maria De Hostos College. She also has several writing pieces for Food and Dating (for foodies and lovers). In her free time, you can find her hiking, dancing, or cooking. 


I search out the window as the sun sets
I watch for them
Those who came before me
I long for them

My grandmother,
I remember her skin and bones.
Did she ever cry under the moonlight?
My grandfather,
a man shrouded in mystery
Did he have any regrets?
Did they ever know what it feels like to be free?
I know what lies on the surface
but my heart aches for the stories untold
the past, a puzzle that feels incomplete

My glowing star eyes
seek to bear witness to
folklore woven in our family history
Do your memories of life crave for me?

Rest your resurrection on
This crown of glory,
I am a vessel
Of memories past and present
Your lips must burn with the impulse to part with words
and fire to set me free
Recounting history that will breathe life in this dull body
Inspire my spirit I feel fading
Let your wisdom guide me with the colors that paint me to life  


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