Alicia Hernandez Coronel

Alicia Hernández Coronel is a free spirited LA raised Oaxaqueña. She is currently working on her first
poetry collection with an emphasis on the issues that affect the “undocumented” community. Her poetry has recently appeared in Journal X and Chicanx Writers and Artists Assoc’ Flies, Cockroaches and Poets. Her writing is inspired by love and powered by strong cafecito.You can find her writing in local coffee shops in her hometown of Los Angeles or at the beach painting sunsets. 

Daughter of Earth- Alicia Hernandez Coronel

I am the daughter of guaje land
fertile, bold, lushess
manantiales of mole negro
bountiful maiz criollo
born under the suns cloak
clay birthed from earth
sounds of tongues colliding, waltzing
rambunctious laughter of jarabes
Zapateados– ancestors blessings
rooted. Fermented hearts transformed into mezcal
full bodied, I’m not for everybody.
Spirit of an obsidian spear penetrating the night
I am California poppies
soaking sunshine
monarchs migrating man made borders
of greedy men afraid of the color of earth.
I’m half nothing, I’m full universe caught in
a woman's body
blessing in cycles.
I am the spirit of an unyielding Dreamer
yearning for blue skies of justice
silence is numbing
I am she who seeks to spring
from fountains of raids
dreaming of freedom
on native land
I am daughter of Earth
Don’t call me, immigrant.  


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