Issue #9 - Special Issue

Hasta la Tambora: Dominicana, audaz y poderosa
by Lisa “Rubi G.” Ventura

Editor’s Note

Filled with narratives and quotes from Dominican powerhouses like Jeanette Miller, Josefina Baez, Julia Alvarez, Las Hermanas Mirabal, and many more, I was inspired by the book, Dominicanas Fuera de Serie by Geraldine de Santis which provides us with concise essays on the lives and impact made by one-hundred-fifty Dominicanas. Some names I recognized, but for the most part, I was oblivious to what we have accomplished aquí y alla for centuries. I swelled with a sense of pride and urgency to continue their legacies while bringing along like-minded sisters in artistry.

Having been published in the inaugural issue of La Libreta in 2021, I never imagined returning as guest editor for the journal. Laser-focused on doing what I love most- writing, submitting, and performing, I never expect anything in return. But what I am learning is that honing the craft is the gift and fortunately for me, it’s been one that keeps on giving.

The friends I’ve made along the way have fueled my creativity in countless ways. These friends have permitted me to be exactly who I am. They remind me how liberating it is to serve as a vessel for creativity. To open oneself up to the many possibilities that art could offer. I am continuously reminded that a blank canvas has the potential to become a masterpiece should we dare to believe a miracle is waiting to happen. These fellow artists, my trusting and loving community of writers, have offered me nothing but unending support, courage, and admiration. Their belief in my work fuels my desire to continue showing up even when it all feels daunting. Their creativity, their audacity, their power, and their light help me tap into mine so that I can share it with anyone who needs it.

These artists know my heart because I leave it on the page. They understand where I am coming from and that has helped me flourish in mind blowing ways. We were once starving and yearning to use our innate talents to heal, to teach, to put to good use our voices and visions, and to push each other onto the next phase of this divine path. As a result, we are either self-published authors and/or on our way to being accomplished artists. Therefore, it was an honor and privilege to invite my tribe to this next phase of my poet life. I hope you may all be changed by the power of their art and their sweet, sweet hearts.  


Carolina Abreu

Carolina Abreu

Carolina Abreu, a Dominican-born writer now based in New York City, embarked on her literary journey in 2002 upon relocating to the United States. Her creative expressions have graced HBO's The Inspiration Room and found homes in various publications, including LNNY Blog, Palabritas, Dominican Writers Association, and The Ice Colony. Passionate about fostering vulnerability, self-love, liberation, and kindness, Carolina uses her work to inspire authenticity and connect with ancestral roots. Her debut self-published poetry collection, "Speak English, You're in America," delves into the intricate tapestry of belonging, weaving through childhood, family, trauma, relationships, and self-discovery, ultimately asserting that belonging is a choice she makes.

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Lisa “Rubi G.” Ventura

Lisa “Rubi G.” Ventura

Lisa “Rubi G.” Ventura (she/her) is a Washington Heights bred Black Dominican poet, essayist, performer, and author of ¿Con qué papel me envuelves la luna? She is a first-generation daughter of immigrants, wife, and boy-mom of two. Lisa has been published by various online and print platforms including Arts by the People, La Libreta, Dominican Writers, The Economic Hardship Reporting Program, and Writing the Land. She was interviewed for The Nation’s Going for Broke podcast/documentary series. A VONA 2022 alumni and featured poet for the Morris-Jumel Mansion, Lisa’s work has been showcased by various arts programs. Find her at

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Zómely Grullón

Zómely Grullón

Zómely Grullón is a queer Dominican artist, writer, therapist, and community educator. She has a Master's degree in Psychology, is currently working on getting her License in Clinical Art Therapy at NYU, and lives in New York with her cat. She is passionate about addressing the social justice issues, interpersonal violence, and cycles of abuse affecting her community and society as a whole. She is the only daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, where most of her family resides. She was born and raised in New York, with yearly visits to DR, and both places have heavily influenced her work.

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