Nitza M. Hernández-López

Nitza M. Hernández-López (aka Nitza Hernandez) is a bilingual Puerto Rican poet and visual artist living in Salem, Oregon. Her poetry has appeared in several printed and online anthologies such as /pãn |dé |mïk /2020: An Anthology of Pandemic Poems, Antologías de Poesía Oregoniana, Terra Incognita (Oregon Poets) , Verseweavers,,, vozdevoces, Di lo que quieres decir 2022, and Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts. She has won poetry awards from the Oregon Poetry Association and the Instituto de Cultura Oregoniana. She writes poems related to nature, love, transcendence, social and environmental issues, and her latina and multicultural identity. 

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Title: Hope is Always Flowing from My Roots
By: Nitza Hernandez


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