Natalia M. Villarán-Quiñones

Natalia M. Villarán-Quiñones is a Virgo, Queer, Femme Afro-Caribbean and intersectional feminist. Author of Desamor y Memorias de una Virgo: The Heartbreak and Memories of a Virgo, participated in Future Now project, Metropolarity; En Comunidad: Works by Queer and Trans Latinx Contemporary Artists exhibit and had her poetry exhibited in The Black QT artistic body at Fox Art in Philadelphia, PA. Co Curated Equinox exhibition in 2017 and QT Noir Festival of Till Arts Project in Philadelphia, PA in 2019. She was also published in the anthology Puerto Rico en mi Corazón in 2019.

El fin, or something like it

Movimientos estáticos...
In between dead and illusions.
No impossible solutions but,
just acceptance and anxiety ridden thoughts of
how much of a failure I can be.
Oh, it's not about me?
I mean granted I thought us involved me as well pero pues, ok?
Hey, ¿sabes qué?
Sé que estas con el rabo entre las patas.
A leguas se nota que algo de remordimiento te está comiendo la lengua.
But fuck it.
Because, somehow it is not about me, but it is my fault?
Even though I wasn’t the one.


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