Susana Praver-Pérez

Susana Praver-Pérez is a Pushcart-nominated poet and a winner of the San Francisco Foundation/Nomadic Press Literary Prize for Poetry (2021). Born and raised in New York, Susana currently resides in Oakland, California where she works as a Physician Assistant at La Clínica de la Raza as well as co-host of La Tertulia Boricua, a monthly cultural salon that has been bringing the creative community together since 2011. Susana’s work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. Her first full-length book of poetry, Hurricanes, Love Affairs and Other Disasters, was released by Nomadic Press in June 2021. Link to order:

Susana Praver-Pérez: Stardust


A sizzle under my scapula,
an itch that craves a delicious scratch,
a sting three generations deep,
three generations back, birthed
in a land I’ll never know.

From deep within, knowledge
seeps through our pores.
I see my ancestors
in the wrinkles around my eyes,
watch my slender ankles thicken,
my grandmother’s feet
laced in orthopedic heels.
I feel my mother’s fingers
as a curl caresses my cheek.

One day, I too will be a memory.
But in the pause, I lay down a matrix
of feather and verse,
paint with glitter to remember
the stardust from which we come
and to which we return.

One day, I will be a bridge
of bone and canto
swaying across a chasm
in moonlight—
Watch for me among the Pleiades. 

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