Jada Gordon

Jada Gordon is a Black, Bronx-based writer, editor, and journalist whose work has been featured in Stuck In The Library, The Guild, Poetry In Motion 46 & 47, Sula Magazine, Indolent Books, and KGB Lit Journal. She’s a co-curator and social media manager for the KGB Bar Monday Night Poetry Series and an apprentice at Ugly Duckling Presse. Her work discusses themes of family, sex, femininity, loss, and relationships. She attempts to take an anthropological approach to writing, not only observing and relying on her own experiences for influence but observing people, environments, and situations for connection and creative exploration.

Sweet Dreams Vol. 1

While my facade curls onto breasts
I think of men in my past, the beasts
I’ve created, the darkness
I once knew, my arms wrapped around you
like vines, no stranger to the buttons
and landmines stretched across your body
piecing it together on a puzzle.
Let me give you this gift
before our love is over: I know where
our love lies, in a mixtape, a love language.
The music washes over us overwhelmingly.
The melody is our friend,
and the last hope of our existence. 

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