Alyea Pierce

Alyea Pierce is an Afro-Caribbean National Geographic Explorer, poet, and educator. Pierce has performed her spoken word poetry internationally from the UK to South Africa, as well as at numerous TEDx events. Her work has been published online and in print, including the Guardian, New York Daily News, Caribbean Writer, and Autism Speaks to name a few. As an educator and Fulbright alumna, her mission is to help underrepresented students transform creative ideas into professional voices, empowering learners to be leaders within their own communities.


is her pleasure
is her pleasure

is her pleasure
satan two-steppin on the bible

is her sweat
bitter water

are the knots in her rubble following the explosion

is her pleasure
something borrowed only for one evening

a laced trinket passed down five generations
without a fingering of its web

how it tangles and is blamed whether in jeans
a bonnet or on its way to work

is her pleasure
even a question
for you

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