Krystal Kavita Jagoo

Krystal Kavita Jagoo graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Windsor. Jagoo is passionate about equity, as can be seen from her writing and arts programming work. Her articles have appeared in Huffington Post, Healthline, and Prism. Her visual art, "University Ableism Bingo" was featured in Pandemic: A Feminist Response, and the zine, CRIP COLLAB. Jagoo's work was selected for Scarborough Arts' 35th Annual Juried Exhibition: Beloved Community. Her memoir essay was published in Radical: An Unapologetic Anthology by Women & Gender Nonconforming Storytellers of Color. 

Every Digit On My Hands
        After Camisha L. Jones

Academia wants
                     my body reasonable
Expects my world
           to stop
                  Throws up its middle finger
I will           use               every digit
         Use these hands     whole
         Academia cannot erase my words
Nor will I drown
          in emails or meetings
                       all their deceit
                                  and derailing 

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