Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

-La Libreta- is published online three times each year. We publish the work of intergenerational writers and artists of color from the Bronx and beyond that identify as women. Please read and follow submission guidelines. Submissions that fail to follow the directions will not be considered for publication.

Deadlines for submissions to be considered are as follows:

- December 1st deadline - for publication on January 30
- April 1st deadline - for publication on May 30
- August 1st deadline - for publication on September 30

Submit a maximum of:

  -  3 poems (word doc format - text only - no jpeg, png, or pdf)
  -  3 poetic audio performances (MP3 format only)
  -  3 photographs of artwork ( jpeg, png or pdf  -  minimum 1200 x 1200 dpi)

Include a one-page cover letter with the following:
  -  a 100-word bio
  -  how you identify as a woman of color
Click BUTTON to submit your work.

We do not consider previously published material. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable with immediate notification of publication. 

In order to make space for other voices, we do not publish work from someone more than twice in one year.

We appreciate your work and in return, we want to take the time and attention to fully consider each poem and piece of artwork. Please allow us 3 weeks to review your submission. If you have not heard from us after 3 weeks, please email

We welcome submissions in English, Spanish, Spanglish, Creole, an amalgamation of languages, as well as Indigenous languages. Please provide a translation for our editors to review. Upon acceptance, the poem will be published in its original format or without translation if the poet chooses to do so.

Robleswrites Productions, Inc. wanted to ensure the Submission Fee is accessible to all and presents a sliding scale Submission Fee of $3 - $7 per submission. All Submission Fees can be paid using the links below on our secure site.

La Libreta – Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting this poem/artwork, I am affirming that I have written the poem/ created the artwork, it is my own original work and has not been copied or plagiarized.
  • I grant Robleswrites Productions, Inc. three-month exclusive publishing rights to publish my poem/artwork, and I retain the copyright of the individual poem that I submit.
  • I understand and consent that my poem/artwork may be published always as my original work and under my own copyright by Robleswrites Productions, Inc., however it sees fit, including but not limited to distributing it in any format on its websites, through email, RSS feeds, Mobile Apps or any affiliated Social Media platforms.
  • I understand that Robleswrites, Inc. may ask for a translation of my submitted poems and I agree to provide it.
  • I understand that all published works archived on Roblesewrites website will remain on the site, so long as Robleswrites Productions, Inc. agrees to provide this digital archive to the public or at its sole discretion.
  • I agree to pay the Submission Fee, according to the Payment Terms and Conditions, as provided below.
  • Upon publication in a manuscript, book, anthology, blog, social media site, or journal, -La Libreta- requests acknowledgment of the first publication.

Thank you for supporting Robleswrites Productions Inc.

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