Women in Creative Rebellion presented by Robleswrites Productions, Inc.
and founded by Peggy Robles-Alvarado is an extension of what began in 2013
as an annual poetry and networking event in the Bronx to celebrate
the creativity of intergenerational women of color.

After curating several original and thought-provoking women-centered literary events
that provided a platform for emerging and established writers
throughout New York City, Women in Creative Rebellion
is expanding beyond its Bronx borders with -La Libreta-.

-La Libreta-
is an online poetry journal that publishes poetry, audio performances, and artwork
by emerging and established writers and artists of color who identify as women
from the Bronx and beyond.
We welcome submissions in English, Spanish, Spanglish, Creole,
an amalgamation of languages, as well as Indigenous languages.


Thank you for supporting Robleswrites Productions Inc.

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